Saudi Gazette – Spokesman for the Traffic Directorate Brig. Gen. Ali Al-Rasheedi said that the driving licenses of those who violate traffic rules would be revoked and the offenders would be sent back to driving school to obtain a fresh license. The provision will be added to the new Traffic Law, which will be announced soon, he said while addressing the third Traffic Safety Forum in Dammam on Wednesday. The new provision was prepared in coordination with the Traffic Directorate and the National Information Center. Road users can post their objections to tickets issued by Saher on the website of the Ministry of Interior and they will receive a reply within 48 hours, he added. Assistant commander of Dubai Police, Maj. Gen. Muhammad Al-Zafeen, said Saudis are among those who observe traffic rules strictly in Dubai. “The Dubai Police have proposed raising the fine for speeding from 1,000 to 2,000 dirhams and seizure of vehicle for 90 days instead of 30 days,” he said, adding that the police also favor lowering the age for obtaining a driving license to 17 years.


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