Arab News –  Presidency of Meteorology and Environmental Protection (PMEP) announced on Saturday that various areas of the Kingdom will experience low temperatures in the coming days.
“Temperatures are expected to drop significantly, ranging from four to seven degrees starting on Sunday,” said PMEP spokesman, Hussein Qahtani and warned fishermen against going out to sea, as well as highway users, in light of the expected wind fluctuations this week. Residents were also warned against avoid going out.
“Go out only if it’s absolutely necessary. Otherwise stay home and wait until the weather conditions stabilize,” he said.
For the past few days, Riyadh region has been experiencing overcast skies with intermittent rains in the evening. Generally, the weather is cold during the day and night.
Qahtani said that this is due to the instability of weather conditions characterized by the rising winds and dust in the regions of Tabuk, Al Jouf, near the Northern Borders, Madinah and the coastal plains of Makkah. On Monday, a medium to heavy thunderstorm is expected in Tabuk and in coastal areas, and is likely to extend to Al Jouf. These weather conditions may continue until Wednesday morning, he said.
Rainfall is expected in Madinah, Yanbu and Makkah, and in the provinces of Rabigh and Jeddah as well as areas of Qassim, Hail and northern parts of the Riyadh region.
“The cold air will begin to arrive starting on Tuesday toward the north of the Kingdom. The temperature will drop significantly in multiple regions,” he said.
He noted there will be winds carrying dust, limiting visibility in the regions of Makkah, Madinah and parts of Tabuk.


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