Arab News – Jeddah is all set to host the 27th edition of the Jeddah International Trade Fair 2015, in which 150 firms from Saudi Arabia and abroad are participating. The fair opens Tuesday and ends Friday.
The fair, organized by Al-Harithy Company for Exhibitions (ACE) with the support of the Jeddah Chamber of Commerce and Industry (JCCI), features over 150 exhibitors from China, Egypt, India, Pakistan, Indonesia, Malaysia and South Africa, showcasing and selling a wide range of products varying from clothing, textile, accessories to home decor and appliances, and giftware.
The show caters to the specific needs of the Saudi market addressing the increasing demands of the local manufacturers leading to multimillion deals. It is considered an ideal platform for businessmen, traders, industrialists and entrepreneurs. ACE’s aim is to boost trade between the international and local business counterparts through these efforts.
“Jeddah International Trade Fair 2015 stands as an annual special international trading experience for traders and businessmen to make successful dealer and distributorships and joint ventures,” said Zahoor Siddique, VP, ACE.
The event mainly contributes to supporting the Saudi trader as the biggest beneficiary from this specialized multi-sectoral event that benefits the Saudis, expatriates and visitors to meet their requirements of various commodities and products, he added.
Indicators prove that Saudi Arabia is the largest economy in the Gulf region and the Saudi retail market is expanding strongly due to the shift by consumers to modern retail outlets, opening the door for foreign investors, population growth, and the growth in incomes.


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