Saudi Gazette – A sedan with Saudi plate numbers spotted in Tel Aviv is owned by an American expatriate who was vacationing in Israel, a local newspaper reported on Tuesday.

A video clip showing the car making rounds in the streets of Tele Aviv has gone viral on social media websites and made headlines abroad.

A number of foreign newspapers published the story under a banner headline: “A Saudi car in Israel”.

Makkah daily said it talked on telephone with the car’s owner, Bleeb Alan, who said he did not see the video as he does not own a Twitter account.

Asked about his visit to Israel, Alan said he was vacationing in the country and was stopped four times by the Israeli police because of his car’s Saudi plates.

The American, in his 70s, works as a technical adviser to a construction company in the Kingdom and constantly travels between Riyadh, Jeddah and Dammam.

He said he bought the 2008 Mercedes about a year and a half ago in Jeddah. He also owns another car and a motorbike.


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